Under The Sea

Under The Sea

"Bringing A Piece Of The Ocean Into Your Business/Home"

Hello, and welcome! My name is Denys Ribot, owner of Under the Sea Aquarium (servicing Miami, Homestead, and Fort Lauderdale, FL), and I am here to assist you with all your aquarium needs and supplies! Under the Sea will provide you with everything you desire at GREAT LOW PRICES for your salt or fresh water fish tank while you relax and enjoy your tank! We can provide you with all of the following:

  • Service & Maintenance
  • Aquarium Supplies
  • Exotic Fish
  • Corals and Invertebrates
  • Dry Goods
  • Custom Aquariums
  • Salt or Fresh Water
  • Pond Service
  • Aquarium Set Up & Installation (Plumbing)
  • And Much More!

Why An Aquarium?

  • It is a living masterpiece
  • It is relaxing and helps reduce stress
  • Provides a unique conversation piece
  • Fish and corals make excellent pets
  • It is a fascinating and educational hobby
  • It's to fall in love for!

Why Choose Under The Sea?

Although having fish tanks has been clinically proven to reduce stress, stimulate brain activity, and lower blood pressure, CLEANING AQUARIUMS HAS NOT!

Now you can have all of the beauty with none of the hassle!

UNDER THE SEA AQUARIUMS provides all the services you need to have the aquarium that you've always wanted without the hassle. We are dedicated to taking care of it for you. We offer a completely flexible schedule, providing services and maintenance 24/7 and most importantly, working around YOUR schedule.

~ Inquiries, Please Contact ~
Denys Ribot ~ Under The Sea Aquariums
(305) 986-4458
Email: denys.ribot@yahoo.com